As you're able, when you're able, please pray for the names on this prayer list.  It is important that we pray for one another and keep the cycle of prayer going.  There is power in prayer.  The Lord knows what each name needs. To add a name to this prayer list, click HERE.  

  1. Sheila Martin and Sherry Martin (Barbara Martin’s sisters)

  2. Cathy Coghill, Alesha Ruffin, Eric Edson-Ruffin, Rev. Ruffin, Quinton Hall-Scott, Joyce Purnell, Jasmine Hall, Kyshawn Ruffin, Maia Wells, Sean Wells, Cameron Parrish, Ellen Brown, Aisha Meertins, Derek Washington, and  Lita Lorian

  3. Archbishop Carl Bean and The UFC Movement

  4. Sean Randolph, his godbrother Marc Roane and Asheya Briscoe

  5. Deacon Natalie Leach and Sis. Diane Lowe, Diane’s stepmother Lucille Lowe, her brother Billy Lowe, her aunts Nancy Evans and Laura Pelzer, and Diane’s friends David Akers and Eileen Flowers, Glorida Williams, Eula Mingo, Pam Finley, Family of Kinesha Scott (Eula Mingo Granddaughter

  6. Kym Gordon

  7. Johnny Sabbat

  8. Elder Akosua McCray and brother Darren Hackett

  9. Renna Jones

  10. Aaliyah Sullivan’s father

  11. Jarrett McCrea

  12. Christopher Lee

  13. Greg Jackson

  14. Min. Chantay’s sister Barbara Vaughn, mother Betty Howard, and her fiancé, Gwen Pearson

  15. Louisa Brinson’s sister, mother, and partner Sis. Carolyn Burke

  16. Rev. Denise Kirkley-Cain

  17. Elby and Marsha Washington 

  18. Isaiah and Rev. Angela Jones-Rodriguez (Pastor of Vision of Hope MCC)

  19. Cheryl Stewart and her father, William Stewart, her cousins Antonia Reilly and Barbara Ann Stewart (grandmother of Adam Martin), and her friend Anney Powell

  20. Philip Long and Ms. Veola Bannis, brother and mother of Min. Frank Long, Jr.

  21. Family of Richard Moore on the transition of his grandfather, Mr. Joseph Washington

  22. Butch Wallace and brother Charles Wallace

  23. Min. Dynel’s parents, Marlene Riley and Lemuel Carter, his husband Richard Spencer-Riley, Alphonso, Angelo, Isaiah, and Isaiah’s aunt Tyra James

  24. Monique Williams-Jenkins

  25. Jeffrey Corry

  26. Larry Fulton-Woods, Rev. Devon Tensley, Min. Sharon Duvall-Humes, and Deacon Miriam Cole

  27. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Mayor Lovely Warren, and President Donald J. Trump, and Kamala Harris

  28. Logan and his country of Columbia

  29. Azaria William and her family

  30. Darlene Brown

  31. Leannette Lyles and family

  32. Cheryl Francis and family

  33. Pastor Pendermon and family

  34. Family of Min. Cliff Butler

  35. Family of Harold McCoy

  36. Family of Keisha Lawrence

  37. Fulton/Rogers/Stevens families

  38. Davis and Nicholson families

  39. Family of Greg Payne

  40. Family of Lakeeta Rowe

  41. Family of Jon Gee

  42. Family of Linda Spencer 

  43. Family of Audrey McKenzie

  44. Family of Perry Carson

  45. Family of LaKia Crooks

  46. Families of John Lewis, C.T. Vivian, and Patrick Ellis

  47. Family of Rev. Vicky Gibbs

  48. Family of Chadwick Boseman, John Thompson, Jr.,

  49. Family of Auset Reid

  50. Family of Aminese Daise

  51. Susan and her sister, Loretta, and Deacon William Clemson of UFC-NYC

  52. The Thornhill Family

  53. Family of Tauris Lamar, Daughter of Jamario Stevens, Shawnette Williams

  54. Jasmine Brinkley, her wife Danielle and their son Josiah, for Jasmine’s ministry, for the expansion of their family, and Jasmine’s mother, Katrina Porter

  55. Darryl McClain

  56. Those with mental health challenges

  57. Min. Jenelle “GiGi” Torres and Elder Kevin Taylor (UFC-NewArk)

  58. Tamara

  59. Vanessa Wilson

  60. Staff and students of Thurgood Marshall Academy

  61. Earl-Rodney Holman’s sister Cheryl and friend Randall

  62. Bayleigh and her family

  63. Diane Brewington-Harris and Sharon Brewington-Harris

  64. Alicia Pinkney and Manny Acevedo

  65. Logan Cooke

  66. Kadijah Berry (recovering from COVID)

  67. Community, youth, elders, leaders, front-line workers, lawmakers, law enforcement, protestors, prayer warriors, parents, all over the world

  68. Paul Telfair

  69. Sandra, Katrina, Coralis, Mykel, Brenda, Annette, Niome

  70. Brandon Jackson and his family

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