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At noon each weekday, we meet on Zoom in our "Prayer Room" to pray for ourselves, each other, and all those on our prayer list.  Click PrayerRoom to pray with us.  Click ADD to submit a name to the prayer list.  


It doesn't just have to be at noon.  As you're able, we encourage you to take time each day specifically for intercessory prayer (prayer for others).  This is something God made you able to do.  This is where you trust God to hear your prayers and have faith that God will answer.  Wherever you are, you are able to make a private prayer for someone else's health to improve, their grief to subside, prayer for someone's breakthrough, pray for someone to find shelter or a meal, and pray for them to build their relationship with the Almighty. 


Thank God, rejoice, and testify that prayer works.  Even with your prayer, God is empowering you to help someone else.

Creator God, we thank you for your perfect love and all the blessings from it. We thank you for your faithfulness in us and our strength in You. We surrender ourselves to your will instead of our own, we surrender to You things out of our control, as we focus on our relationship with You. 


Almighty God, we pray for the courage to progress, to see joy even in the midst of a challenge, and to pace ourselves with your grace and patience, one day at a time. 


Merciful God, cover every name on our list, as we pray for a whole and holy healing of mind, body, and soul.


Redeemer God, we pray to see ourselves and each other as You see us, Lord, as whole, able, forgivable, and loveable.  Help us to not be hurt, harm, or danger to ourselves and each other.  

Provider God, thank you for our place in your kingdom.  We trust that You know who needs what, how, and when.  Thank You for showing us that You are love and your love is for everyone. In Jesus’ matchless name, we pray to You.  Amen.

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