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The question I open with is "Where do you find peace?"

I will assume that each person reading this reflection has a need to have peace. Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance: tranquility or a state or period in which there is no war or that a war has ended, or a personal trial that you have gone through and now it is resolved and you are at peace.  

Having peace is important to each of us as we daily move to survive well in this world. We listen to the news and hear atrocities daily in DC, MD, VA and all over the world. We hear it on the television, radio, in the newspaper and other ways. Peace is a necessity for our health and ultimate survival.


The question is where do you find your peace? Is it through meditation, prayer, sitting outside and taking in nature? Is it when you are with a particular person, in a particular place, holding a particular thing?  What brings you peace? Peace is a necessity for living a healthy life. It is important  for us as human beings to tap into moments of peace for our mental and physical health.


For me it is at the end of the day knowing that after holding someone until they die; sitting with someone as they are intubated or extubated or any of the other things I do 8-10 hours a day. I can go home to my flat knowing that there is no one there that I need to entertain, talk to or hold court with. I am always so excited to get home, turn the key; walk in the door and there are remnants of the scent of incense that I burned that morning as I prepared for work waiting in the air to welcome me. I am able to participate in an hour of yoga or meditation. It makes my existence better and gives me peace.


Where do you find your peace? Music, dancing, taking walks, etc.? It's important to have it and hold it as a sacred posture just for you!


Find your peace and embrace it fully!




Akosua McCray, the peace seeker

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