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I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate life choices to protect my mental, emotional and spiritual state. As a single womyn, I rely on myself and the presence of God to live, move and have my very existence in the most positive, thoughtful, caring way possible. I am clear about who is close to me and who is at arm's length. This has been my practice for many years and it has served me well.


Many of you reading this reflection, may think and live similar to what I have shared personally, and perhaps others have allowed for energies around you that you have given the reins to control much of what you do. My words of wisdom suggest that you take back the reins of your life.


Beginning a new year always has meaning to me, and makes me aware of the fact that friendships, and yes love relationships are supplements. Each of you have the capability and wherewithal to create a life that is fruitful, enjoyable, safe, uncompromising, spiritual in the way you want it to be and fulfilling.


I wanted to give you something to think about as you move into 2024. As we end this year, this is a perfect time to decide, divide and conquer what you know you need, and want for yourself that will make 2024 an incredibly powerful, purposeful, peaceful, prayerful time for you, and one that is pregnant with possibilities. GO FOR IT!


I would love your feedback!



Rev. Elder Akosua McCray

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